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Hundreds of thousands of San Diegans have already helped to make SoccerCity a reality. Join us as we push to win San Diego’s vote on November 6th!

So much

More Than Soccer

(But the soccer will be awesome)

Stadium Site Today
  • Costs taxpayers $8 million every year
  • Over $100 million in deferred maintenance
  • Dumps 40 million gallons of polluted runoff into the San Diego River annually
Before after
SoccerCity Tomorrow
  • SoccerCity pays the City’s Fair Market Value of $83 million for the land
  • Full funding for the $40 million, 34-acre San Diego River Park
  • Creates 26,000 permanent jobs in San Diego
  • Brings San Diego a Major League Soccer franchise

Our Team's Commitment to San Diego

We’re a group of local business leaders, philanthropists and soccer legends, working to do something great for San Diego.
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SoccerCity in the Community

SoccerCity is about more than soccer. It's about community.

Something Great For San Diego

We’re working to do something great for San Diego, and we need your support. Join us and let’s score a goal for SD on November 6th!