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Learn more about what SoccerCity will do to restore San Diego’s natural beauty in Mission Valley.

The San Diego River Park
We are committing $40 million to restore the San Diego River and overall ecosystem health and create a publicly accessible River Park, plus paying approximately $2 million each year in maintenance costs so taxpayers aren’t stuck with the bill.
Removes Contamination and Rehabilitates the Land
At no cost to taxpayers, SoccerCity will clean up the environmental wasteland left by decades of parking lot runoff and the underlying contamination by the Kindred Morgan oil leak.
Raises the Land Out of the Flood Plain
The Mission Valley site has been plagued for decades by floods during storms. SoccerCity will raise the site out of the floodplain to create the new River Park.

Something Great For San Diego

We’re working to do something great for San Diego, and we need your support. Join us and let’s score a goal for SD on November 6th!