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Learn more about the ways SoccerCity benefits San Diego State University.

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State of the Art Home for Aztec Football

SoccerCity saves SDSU $150 million by privately funding stadium construction and operations, allowing the University to invest in academics and research.

Campus Expansion

SoccerCity offers SDSU the ability to increase enrollment and expand research and academic facilities, accommodating the university's long-term expansion ambitions without the need for new student fees or taxpayer funds.
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Students Will Thrive
In SoccerCity

SoccerCity's student housing will be just two trolley stops away from SDSU's main campus. Students will have full and immediate access to everything SoccerCity has to offer, including events, parks, internship opportunities, and future campus expansion.

Aztecs for SoccerCity

Join the student-led group that is building support on campus and in the community.

Something Great For San Diego

We’re working to do something great for San Diego, and we need your support. Join us and let’s score a goal for SD on November 6th!